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Popcorn Kindness at the Dentist's Office

--by Mish, posted Aug 11, 2015
Waited for the gal at the front desk at our dentist to walk away and quickly put this bag of assorted mini-bags of popcorn, with a peace dove inside & a smile card outside, on her desk. I was still sitting in the waiting room when she returned & found it. She smiled & looked at me. I acted totally innocent :)))))

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carolec wrote: Wonderful mischief!
brindlegirl wrote: Kindness just shines from your being Mish, it's almost blinding. I can see how she knew it was you. Can't hide the light ;-)
mindyjourney wrote: You, innocent??? :)))) Popcorn kindness and SMILEs :))))
kiwicat wrote: Lol. Poker Face! Lol, ive done that before too.
melnotes wrote: lol, nicely done :)

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