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Post It Note Blitz

--by kiwicat, posted Aug 7, 2015
Today I did a post-it note blitz - on public toilet mirrors, outside a public parent's room, and on the back of park benches in the park. I wrote the notes on the run of the mill yellow post it notes saying "Be the Kindness in the World Today" "A smile is free" "Your smile looks great on you" "I'm glad you are reading this, you are a blessing to our world" It was one of those days that I didn't feel like putting myself out there, and perhaps on those days its important that I do :-)

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Harpreet wrote: Beautiful. What a great idea. :-)
Brought a smile to my face!
Monica wrote: Wow! That is so beautiful!
terre wrote: Blitzing post-it notes is definitely putting yourself out there, you just aren't interacting directly with the recipient. I haven't done this yet myself, so thank you for the reminder that this is something i want to do.
Brindlegirl wrote: Your notes. Game changers. Life changers. You are such a beautiful light if kindness Kiwicat ♥♥♥
pluto178 wrote: Lovely thing to find x
melnotes wrote: I so need to get myself some post it notes!!!!! So many ways to give kindness to others in this one simple act :) thank you xx
mindyjourney wrote: Posting kindness ripples...all over! Well done, my friend, especially since you didn't feel like doing:)))
mish wrote: Love that phrase "kindness blitz"!! Well done by you. x

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