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Fast Pharmacists

--by alisamom, posted Aug 24, 2015
Whenever I go to the pharmacy and there's more than one person waiting in line, the pharmacist comes out from the back room, asks for everyone's names, and then gets their prescriptions from the back ready to hands out so that the cashier can simply ring things up and the line moves really fast. Today I told everyone there that they are doing a wonderful job, that they work so very fast, and that they are the friendliest pharmacy in town. I left them all with a big smile on their faces :)
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goodbetterbestt wrote: Extra effect to the medicines! :)
mindyjourney wrote: Yay!!! That's gratitude at work :))). Well done, my friend!
kiwicat wrote: I think its good to compliment good service. Especially if you are unwell and waiti g around for medicine.
terre wrote: They have great teamwork! So happy you gave them recognition!
pluto178 wrote: Well done support has amazing consequences. x
melnotes wrote: Wonderful kindness and all for free!

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