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Another Dollar Another Day...

--by kiwicat, posted Aug 27, 2015
It was a hard day in the classroom (it rained all day and the kids were stuck inside all day), and I was extremely glad the day ended! I stopped off to get Roux some more dog food. I buy it in bulk and the young guy serving me shared his 'bad day story' we had a laugh over both of our days. He carried the heavy bag to my car for me, and I was cheered up that, perhaps my bad day wasn't so bad. It didn't involve escaped birds, rabbits or demanding customers. And that I will buy myself a nice treat on pay day (and a nice treat for someone else too).
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edejong wrote: Ahh, your kids are so lucky with you as their teacher! Someone who knows how important "small acts of kindness" are. Great! Warm smile from a teacher who stopped after 30 years to be a 'strength building' entrepreneur!
Mitalichawla wrote: lovely.. ♥ there is never a bad day.. its a certain time in the day that's bad. and if end goes well. day is also well. ;)
bountiful wrote: Yes our lovely wintertime kiwicat, that be lovely surprise for person receiving a special treat..:)
melnotes wrote: That is a lovely way to turn your day around :)
mindyjourney wrote: Bad day turnaround :))). Maybe treat the young man who helped carry to car?? :))) Blessings of better! Breakfast program begin yet?
Novice50 wrote: So easy to get stuck, but also, so easy to get unstuck. Happy day after all.

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