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Comforting a Child

--by kat94, posted Aug 28, 2015
Yesterday I finished my second leg of backpacking. I was extremely tired but very thankful. After my train from Slovenia, I took what was supposed to be a 6 hour bus ride, which turned out to be 9 hours, down to Croatia's coast.

In front of me on the bus was a little 4 year old girl and her grandmother. Hours passed by and eventually the child got fed up with being on the bus. The child wouldn't stop crying and I could tell everyone else was fed up as now they couldn't sleep, and everyone (including me) was tired.

I realized I had downloaded a bunch of games on my tablet for my little cousins. I started talking to the child and her grandmother and offered the child my tablet to play a few games. Eventually the tears stopped, she played some games and even fell asleep a while after.

Free and simple kindness is awesome. Check out some of Croatia's scenery driving along old roads :)

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newdayvow wrote: Good thinking. Your mind was open to the opportunity of a kind act!
Satish Kumar wrote: Amazing way to spread gracious generosity and kindness, thank you for sharing.
JPHKindness wrote: Simple kindness of sharing and engaging others speaks volume about your heart.
susanapics wrote: I have to second what mish said. Not only were you kind to the child but it spread to those around you as well; the perfect sort of generosity in my book!
kat94 wrote: Backpacking kindness update coming soon (still recovering lol)
Mish wrote: You were everyone's angel there :)))))
debbe530 wrote: Glad to hear from you Kat! Sounds like a wonderful adventure you are having.
pyronik wrote: such a blessing, I bet everyone on the bus was thankful for you.
Mel37865 wrote: That was great!
Mel37865 wrote: Have a great few weeks!

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