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Who I Am Makes A Difference

--by Clemens, posted Jun 5, 2008

Here is a great photo story about "Who I Am Makes A Difference" that you guys might enjoy!  The movie is originally featured at and was created by Mary and Craig Reynolds.

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Melanie D'Silva wrote: This touched my heart. I wish i had done this when i taught. I think i need to go something like this over and over. We all need encouragement. Thanks for sharing.
almusafr wrote: It really beauty story
Thanks to the author
HARPREET SINGH wrote: It is a very nice way of reinforcement.
Chris wrote: This is absolutely incredible. Found this at a real low point and it made me cry. I can only hope that by sharing this and letting everyone know how important they are i can help someone the same way.
Micah1116 wrote: A really great story. It's soooooo important that everyone knows they matter, and that they make a difference. All of us want to be reminded that we are special, and that someone really cares about us. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story!
Roger Cartee wrote: I have done this project in my classroom before i retired and what a difference it makes not only in thensudents but also in their parents.
Lenea wrote: Omg. I literally just cried. So amazing :)
Nassar wrote: I love these stories
Lindteggs wrote: This made me cry, i sent it to my closest friends, i don't appreciate them and tell them how much i love them often enough :)
mawell wrote: I was surprised when i got this but it was very moving

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