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Laundry Fairy

--by kerry2madigan, posted Aug 31, 2015
When I was on course, there was about 10 washing machines and dryers, so I folded everyones washing, hung out delicates and put more in the dryer in the early morning, Everyone was talking about the laundry fairy and everyone started to do it for the next person :)
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penviro wrote: Doing our own chore is a pain, but doing it for somrobe else to ease their pain becomes joy! Thank you for the valuable lesson
FairyBubbles wrote: How wonderful!
AndiCas wrote: I love the way that other people followed your example and the kindness spread.
writewoman417 wrote: Great example; great story.
TC_3320 wrote: This is a wonderful idea! I can only imagine the joy you gave people when they found they were visited by the laundry fairy!
mindyjourney wrote: wonderful laundry kindness :))))) and that is how the washing ripples...<3.
SmileSharer wrote: Love that your kindness inspired others to continue what you started!
Brindlegirl wrote: Wow. Not that is one serious kindness! Well done ♥♥♥
SM2000 wrote: amazing act...
pluto178 wrote: Gee is it just me .............I prefer to fold my own smalls. lol x

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