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Hospital Art

--by savraj, posted Sep 3, 2015
I met an artist in the park today. She was working on a piece of art she had co-created with local school children. The images on the artwork, of happy families with their pets, were so uplifting!

Her next project is to create a large mural that will cover an entire wall at the Children's hospital. Again, she plans to collaborate with children from the neighborhood. What a heartwarming idea.

Children who are well will be creating art for children who are sick. I imagined the day the mural would be unveiled. The children who worked so hard and lovingly on it would be overjoyed with excitement to show what they had created. And the children waiting to see the mural would be equally excited to see what was behind the curtain. And finally voila! Cheers all around!

Children helping children be happy. Children being happy like they always should be! The artist woke me up from my daydream and said, "I sure could use a lot of volunteers to help with this project! " I told her to count me in! I would be happy to help make this dream come true!
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Novice50 wrote: Now that's acting in spontaneous kindness!
melnotes wrote: Awesome kindness and sounds like a fantastic project!
kiwicat wrote: Beautiful.
sandyremillar wrote: wonderful!!!!
mindyjourney wrote: Working together, we are envisioning a kinder more colortul world! :))).
terre wrote: Thank you for volunteering to be part of this mural project. I think you'll have a grand time.
pluto178 wrote: Art and children a great combination. . . . we should keep well into old age. x

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