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A Seven-Year-Old's Stained Glass Gifts

--by cabbage, posted Jun 20, 2008

My seven-year old son had been given a gift of "creating stained glass kit" decorative pieces and enthusiastically went to work making beautiful color combinations that could be hung on a glass window.  The kit had 4 different pieces to complete and two of them got ruined in the process.  But the other two were real "masterpieces" of kid artwork and he was very thrilled to see them hanging on our window. 

The pieces remained there for some months and then one day my son's piano teacher came to our house (which was not usual)
to give him a lesson and he casually admired the stained glass.
As soon as his lesson was done, my son ran out of the room, wrapped up the stained glass piece and presented it proudly to his teacher! 

A few months after that we had a friend visiting from out of town and she too admired the remaining stained glass piece. Well, guess what--the little guy quietly wrapped that one up and gave it away too! 

I was just stunned by the spontaneity of his giving and I hugged him close and told him how proud I was of his big heart.
2 years later I finally found another one of those stained glass kits
and I surprised him with it. :-)

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ms_joy wrote: Priceless! How wonderful of both of you to be so thoughtful and giving and the circle of joy continues! :)
Charles omondi wrote: What a wonderful leson to learn of a young child remember it is more blessed to give than to take may jehovah god grant him the desires of his heart blessings.
grammagussie wrote: And a child shall lead the should be so proud to see the fine young man your raising. God Bless
gratefulnessgalore wrote: Such tender age, such thoughtful disposition and sharing heart!
HeatherZoe15 wrote: How blessed you are to have a child that is loving and caring. Take care, always!
cinnamonhead wrote: that was very nice of him to do, it is always good to see when kids act on their own to show kindness to others.
irongrace wrote: This story is very uplifting to me. Thankyou for writing about your son and please thank your son for being so kind.
Fran wrote: Hi Anisa and all:

I loved the Stained glass Experience and the childs participation. I am trying to be the change to make it better for me andmy family. Somehow I could not find a way to change .
sethi wrote: Kids inherit their genes from their parents. The liitle guy has inherited it from you and your husband. A beautiful reality. Thank you.
arnee wrote: What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. It's surprising how little kids usually come along with BIG hearts. :)

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