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Take this umbrella, she said...

--by abarbandi, posted Aug 16, 2015
A decade ago, we were recent transplants from India & living in two separate cities. My husband, here in Pittsburgh while I was in a small town NJ.

Anyone who has lived in Pittsburgh knows that it canrain in summer more than many other places. Being a newbie, he didn't. One day as he left the clinic building to walk to hospital about four blocks away, a thunderstorm rolled & it started to pour down. He had no umbrella, so started to walk briskly & noticed a car pull over.
A woman bending over from driver's seat reached out with an umbrella in her hand. When he refused to take, she said, "one day someone gave me this umbrella when I was getting drenched. Take it from me today & give it to someone else tomorrow ". That woman made me fall in love with this city & it's kind people. Sometimes, it takes very little....

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balou wrote: Small but important act of kindness :-) thank you for sharing this.
terre wrote: Great act of kindness and warm welcome to the city! Thanks for sharing the story.
melnotes wrote: Beautiful share, thankyou :)
kiwicat wrote: That is surely a true raok!
Mish wrote: Beautiful!!
mindyjourney wrote: An act of kindness has far reaching effects :))). Thank you for sharing. Blessings, my friend.
savraj wrote: You're so right! A very small kind act can make our souls glow!
Novice50 wrote: That's exactly what it's about - in any city!
pluto178 wrote: Sounds like the perfect place to be.......home. x

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