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Hawaiian Gratuity for a Special Waitress

--by brighteyes, posted Jun 19, 2008

After I married, we honeymooned in Hawaii. Both of us enjoyed our ten day stay-- the islands are gorgeous, the people loving, gracious and spiritual, the sunrises/sunsets one more spectacular then the next, the rainbows miraculously appearing each afternoon after a brief rain and the flowers so brightyly colored and diverse. What a paradise!  We returned to one restaurant several times in Maui because I loved the buffet, the service, the outdoor tables where I could feed the birds, the ocean view and it was close to our hotel. 

I befriended a waitress who symbolized the Hawaiin people to me:  she was plump, middle-aged, super friendly, greeting us each time with a huge, warm smile, twinkling eyes, a deep booming laugh and a hug. She was quite chatty and so am I so we bonded instantly.  She shared some of her life stories with us, which was so sad: hubby left, supporting several children, sick parents, working several odd jobs to make ends meet but challenges did not deter her joy of life or her positive attitude. I truly liked her and looked forward to seeing her each morning.

On our last day on that island, I decided to surprise her with a huge tip. I left her a $100 dollars partially hidden under a plate and a scribbled THANK-YOU on a napkin to let her know I appreciated her service and warmth  (never told my hubby as he used to tease me about being a "soft touch" and way too generous--this was 20yrs ago and we were just starting out so were on a strict budget especially from the wedding expense and honeymoon vacation too).

I was not able to see her reaction, but I can picture it in my mind -- her surprise and delight about the HUGE tip!  When I do, I smile and my heart expands - I am grinning!  I hope I "made her day!"  I never saw her again but I sometimes daydream about Hawaii and I  still I think about her now and again and wish her well.

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faithnut wrote: What a lovely lady. Great hearts think alike. Im sure she remembers you in as much of a heartwarming memory!
praveendm wrote: Pure heart!!!
grammagussie wrote: Probably the best $100.ever "turned' What a heart warming story. I have been to Hawaii and you sure brought back the memories.
gratefulnessgalore wrote: Generous, thoughtful acts such as yours would certainly brighten anyone's heart. Keep the spirit and pass it on.
arnee wrote: Thank you for sharing. I bet Hawaii is beautiful but with a kind heart, it seems that YOU are more beautiful. :)
ankampranav wrote: it is wwdjfgffgshgadfsjkdbncvhjvxzxb vbnmgdhdhfasdkggdkjfhg;gflhfkjgbvk
sethi wrote: The waitress will be narrating this story to her grandchildren or even great great grand children. You are truly abundant in life. Thanks for the sharing.
followerofHim wrote: I have several friends who use to waitress and it makes such a difference!!!! One kind customer can wipe away the pains of many, many rude ones. God bless you!!!!
cabbage wrote: I have never been to Hawaii, but your description made me feel like I was there.
I am sure that you "made her day" for many many days to come! Your generosity is contagious! Thanks for sharing. :-)
lovebug wrote: I always wanted to visit Hawaii, thanks for painting such a vivid picture for me. Generosity has it own rewards ,I have always found this to be true both for the giver and the receiver.

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