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Kindness from a student

--by KiwiCat, posted Aug 25, 2015
One of my students made me a little book yesterday. There are many cute and funny things. I love how she spelt my name phonetically "miss Hooks" when my last name is "Hawkes" The main thing is that apparently I have a sweet nature, am kind, and the best teacher ever. On the last page of the book we travel to New York "just us" she is a lovely student, very gentle, but this was still a lovely and unexpected surprise. On that note... Off to work I go!

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RoseMarie wrote: How beautiful. . I see you both have the same hairstyle and dress sense x 💓
kperrine wrote: Oh how sweet! You work with a lovely age group. They are a reflection of you...their beloved teacher. Have fun at work!
alisamom wrote: Awwww what a neat kid!
MelPal wrote: That's precious! :)
kjoyw wrote: So dear! Just love children's stories.
mindyjourney wrote: Your students know, my friend, what a kindness star you are!
mish wrote: Sweetness!!!
KindMyst wrote: Children's home made books are the best. And the sweetes is when they give these precious works to their favorite people. :))
savraj wrote: The children are so honest. I love how they love you!
terre wrote: Now that's excellent teacher appreciation!

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