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A Long Line is a Chance to Give

--by Aurelia, posted Jun 18, 2008
At the grocery store today the lines were moving very slowly and people seemed a bit on edge. So my brain started to tick and I wondered, "What can I do for this poor, sweet cashier to make her smile?" Then I noticed that there were coolers right there with soda pop and water. When it came to my turn in line, I smiled and said, "tough day, huh?" She said, "It's so crazy here today." I asked her if I could buy her a soda or some snack to give her a lift. She smiled and said, "Oh no, that's okay." I urged her to accept and finally she said, "Okay, I'd like a water please." I gladly grabbed a nice chilled water for her. I think it made a difference. And I know it made me feel good to do that for her. It's easy. Get out there and take advantage of a long line next time to do something good. :) ~Aurelia
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chzmzati wrote: nice one. realy!!
brighteyes wrote: Ever vigilant for kindness, huh? Kudo's

And agree, not only are RAOK addicting but they sure make sure feel good
JuneBug wrote: Such a nice gesture...Good thinking, JaneAnn!
makesomeonesmile wrote: Good for you Aurelia for always looking out for others. I'm sure she appreciated it more than you know!
lmil1954 wrote: Bravo! You are SO darling!

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