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Lost and found in Los Angeles

--by tesasilvestre, posted Aug 26, 2015
I'm visiting Los Angeles for a couple of days with my boyfriend, and while we were on a hike early this morning, I found the National ID card of a French kid on the trail. There was no one around, so I figured it was best to pick it up.

Being French myself, I recognized it is a big deal document which would be a real drag to lose (the equivalent of losing your Driver's License or Passport in the U.S.).

As soon as we got back to our hotel, I googled the cardholder's name (which thankfully was not very common), and found a facebook account that matched his picture. I then followed a few links until I identified his dad, and sent him a direct message along with a photo of the ID card.

He wrote back to me within an hour, very grateful. It was really fun playing Sherlock Holmes! The kid's mom will be picking up the ID card from the hotel's front desk tomorrow. I bought a beautiful card for her, and put the ID inside along with a sweet note and invitation to check out kindspring! I wish I could have included a smile card but I didn't bring them along!
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jz wrote: These stories are nice to read, love them, but i always wonder. Isn't this just the way you are, the way you behave? All these nice things just a way of being and not such a deal that one puts them online? Don't mean i think any of you should stop. Just wondering.
sadhna wrote: Great job of kindness!
aimee_adamec wrote: What a wonderful act of kindness. Many people especially those on vacation wouldn't want to bother. I hope the remainder of your vacation was as beautiful as you are!
petroskryf wrote: We need more people like you! Thank you for your kindness.
mindyjourney wrote: Never leave home without 'em (smile cards:))). Good detective work, my friend! Well done.
alisamom wrote: Wonderful! That was a very kind act indeed!
savraj wrote: Oh that's really great! Good detective work! So nice of you to go out of your way!
pluto178 wrote: Well done for going the extra mile for someone. x
bountiful wrote: wow great dect work ....lovely thought and idea with card smile card and dove be bonus another time..xx
melnotes wrote: That is so great of you, Im sure its return will be appreciated!

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