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Just Finished Making Some ...

--by KindMyst, posted Sep 14, 2015
Just finished making some cards that I want to put in a small bag and leave them on a park bench or library shelf for someone to find.

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pajacuzzi03 wrote: What a great way to share your talents!
ppuente wrote: That is so thoughtful! And those cards are beautiful. :)
FairyBubbles wrote: They look so beautiful - you will make many people happy.
CristianaSant wrote: They look amazing sweetheart , the people gonna be happy.
cheri4vc wrote: What a beautiful thing to do!
melnotes wrote: Wow you made these! Thats awesome :)
pluto178 wrote: Beautiful x
mindyjourney wrote: So lovingly crafted! Such a gift to anyone who finds :)))). Thank you!
Novice50 wrote: beautiful!
mish wrote: Beautiful kindness x

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