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Driving Down A Different Path

--by mitu915, posted Jun 23, 2008

My car was parked in the lot on Castro Street in downtown Mountain View just outside the Shambhala Meditation center. Anxious to move along on my Sunday afternoon, my efforts to move my car were immediately halted. A triple AAA truck that stretched more than a stretch limo was literally blocking my path to exiting.

My initial feelings of “I’m upset” and “How could someone just box me in like that?” began to surge, but then, I paused. I took a look at Sakyong’s face (my new favorite Tibetan Guru) as he looked at me from the cover of his book, titled, “Ruling your World.” In that moment, I remembered, I have a choice.  I decided to make that mental switch that Sakyong often refers to, and just gave myself a chance to experience what taking a step down that road might feel like.

I listened to some tunes in the car, read a little more wisdom, and waited for the Triple AAA guy to help the elderly woman get her car back in gear. Incidentally, a few seconds later, he knocked on my window, smiled, and handed me back my cup of Starbucks coffee that I had placed on top of my car and forgotten about.. I thanked him laughing, asked him if the lady was all set with her car, and after his positive response and another exchange of smiles, he moved his truck up forward and I happily drove away in no time (like 2 minutes later)!

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Readers Comments

chzmzati wrote: i love the way you handled this situation.
you have just taught me something that i am going to value for the rest of my life
thank you
lovebug wrote: I think Scot Peck called it the road less traveled. It could save your life, no high blood pressure
butterfly wrote: your story is amazing and very inspirarional. it is a miracle to shift our thinking and make the choice to let go of negative thoughts and let our wisdom emerge. may you be blessed.x
brighteyes wrote: PATIENCE makes a huge difference and it did in your story not only for you, but for the AAA driver, the elderly lady and the energy you give out goes out to all!
Kudo's for making it positive, calming, AND PATIENT! Great lesson for me as sometimes I get short on patience too.
Smiles Brighteyes ;)
JuneBug wrote: AHA! You could have gotten so terribly upset but decided to handle it in a RAOK way....Good for you! I am proud of you! :}
shannanigans wrote: Instant Karma! You were rewarded with your own cup of coffee :)
anonimus wrote: what a great lesson we can all learn from.we should think twice before acting...thanks for sharing :-}

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