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Gift of Motherhood, Gift of Kindness

--by VM, posted May 18, 2008

Two days before Mother's Day, I was at a Walmart with my wife, getting some gifts, and I saw a nice gift set of lavender-scented lotions and other stuff (Hey, I'm not supposed to know exactly what all comes in those sets :-)) And so I thought what the heck, I'll get one and we'll find someone to give it to.

So we're paying for everything, and the woman behind the counter is this cheery, middle-aged woman who remarks "Getting a gift for Mother's Day, huh? Nice set," or something. Somehow that set showed up for only half of the price, $5 instead of $10. Strange, I thought.

We finish paying, and we move over to the side, and I'm thinking I should just give her that set! We pull out a smile card and as she's helping another customer, I tell her, this is for you, and give her the set with a smile card. She had such an interesting look -- really confused -- and she asked, "Did you pay for this?" I told her, "Yes, it's for you -- just an anonymous gift. Happy Mother's Day! Read the card when you get the chance and it'll all make sense." She was just struck, but had to keep helping the next customer, and so in true anonymous fashion, we scooted out, having celebrated the gift of motherhood and the gift of kindness all in one shot.

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Spoonerism wrote: Isn't it great when your kindness target just turns up like that! ? Good for you guys, it's great to recognise people like that, they don't get enough credit most of the time! Thanks for sharing!
Rupesh verma wrote: Mather is gift of god.
john wrote: thats so nice heck yes
Lin wrote: I'ts wonderful to do something unexpected like giving to someone who least expects it. Their is never a need to wait for a answer but to only see the welcome in your own eyes.
alisha wrote: Thats soo sweet of him, did he get something for his wife? lol

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