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Positive Side Effects of Helping Others

--by Nakamura216, posted Jun 30, 2008

My friend had mentioned the other day that her father had a lot of children's toys that he was looking to give away.  She knew that i have a three-year-old daughter so she thought of me first. I told her I would love it if I could get some nice things for my daughter, which I wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford.

When I met her father, he began to explain that he was poor once too and that he would hate to throw away things that can be very useful.  At first, he thought of taking everything to the Salvation Army but then he decided to see if anyone he knew could use these things first.

Before he showed me what he was giving away, I thought the toys would be mostly lego's or lincoln log's or things like that.  When he was showing me around I saw a bed, a slide, a kitchen set and many other things that just blew my mind.  He told me to write a list of everything my daughter could use and as my eyes were wide and beginning to tear up a bit he told me not to feel guilty.  He said that I was helping him by getting rid of the stuff.  

As I was looking around I did feel guilty, but I tried to remain more grateful than guilty because he told me too. Everytime I tried to thank him for giving me and my daughter all this wonderful stuff he would thank me right back. I wanted to believe that he was just thanking me so that I wouldn't feel so guilty but in reality I believe that he was as greatful as I was that these toys would be put to good use.

So, sometimes when we are helped by others, the others that helped us are helped as a side-effect.  In the eyes of charity, it makes sense to feel grateful, but guilt is just as normal.  I know that we could have lived without a slide, which is why I do feel guilty, but I am greatful all the same because my daughter really does enjoy all these nice things!

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humility wrote: Plesae don't feel guilt,that's god working with the giver as well as the receiver. Surely you must have helped someone before and you have 4gotten. Now it was your turn to receiving and the giver has already been blessed.
Sanyogita wrote: Thanks for the beautiful post. Life is all about helping each other in need. There are some people who will never feel that they have helped you. They are always down to earth. Keep smiling and be the reason for someone to smile!
HeatherZoe15 wrote: Many of us are unsung heroes of this world. Hope to hear from you, soon.
dazzle wrote: Isn't that what life should be all about--helping one another!
Thanks for sharing your story.
MA wrote: That was pretty gay.
lynzall wrote: i found a great site, that if you would like to share your things instead of throwing them a away, you can help others less fortunate, i just gave away a piano to a happy home who will get many years of joy out of it, that way i save the environment and make a little boys dream come true of having his own piano to learn on.

They all over the world so look out for them.

Dare to Care and share
harsha.k.r wrote: can u send some photos of servic of cluny sister
grandmadee2003 wrote: That is a great story. Children are wonderful little people and it is so nice to hear how someone shared. Yes, gratitude is a much better feeling than guilt.
Nandi wrote: Dear Nakamura216,

Very good post! I'm sure the giver is happy to see your child happy.

Both of you gave and received at the same time! Pl don't have any guilt, just have gratitude, which I'm sure u must be having! :)

mabelle wrote: i would like to touched lives of people

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