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An Empty Wallet and a Full Heart

--by cabbage, posted Jul 3, 2008

Today while driving to the grocery store we saw a woman standing with a sign "Family fallen on tough times" by the side of the road.
Usually we give the person some food or fruit that we have with us or a bottle of water.

Frantically rooting around for a snack, my son and I could not find anything in our bag and by that time the light had changed.  I said out loud, "I only have a $20 bill in my wallet. Too bad, because usually I would give away dollar bills if I had any."  I told my son that we would give something to her on the way back if she was still there.

Well, she was still there and on the way back I gave her a smile card wrapped in my only cash-- the $20 bill.  There were cars behind me so I had to drive off quickly (to avoid an accident), but I heard her say, "God bless," and felt that I did the right thing.  I felt so light and free--knowing that even though I have no idea what she will do with the money, she knows that someone cared.
Though I have given food and water to homeless people many times, this was the FIRST time I gave something with a smile card! :-)

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cornbreadwillie wrote: You do know most of those people take home anywhere from $300 to $500 a day.
HeatherZoe15 wrote: The act of giving brings the receiver a new perspective in life. That in times of need, a person or a number of person is always willing to lend a helping had. Making them realize that if a door has been closed, a window will surely be opened for them.
dazzle wrote: That is a very good idea, thanks for sharing your story with us! That woman will remember your kindness.
Gecko wrote: Good for you. I'm too scared to stand by the side of the road - you were right to see something in her.
Nandi wrote: Dear Cabbage,

More than the $20 it's the smile card that made your gesture even more precious!
It is still easier to give money than give the inner part of yourself like love, caring, smile, etc.! I think that woman would remember your donation all her life as it was given with the message that you care, which the 'Smile card' carried!!
And, you too got something in return from the woman, didn't you?!
You are so kind and so nice, Cabbage.
jaggu wrote: wonderful that you saw God in her.
arnee wrote: You did the right thing! And you did it out of pure generosity. God bless you. :)
mitu915 wrote: good job! it takes strength and courage to be kind!!
irongrace wrote: great job!!! in some way the money you gave will come back to you multiplied over and over.
Bluebell wrote: I am sure that cash will come back to you multiplied with endless Love. God Bless you.

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