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Video: Are You Somebody's Favorite Person?

--by JZ, posted Jun 27, 2008

A subtle, poignant and charming film about the need for deeper connections in our lives.

If you ask yourself, are you somebody's favorite person, what would be your response?  Perhaps you can forward this video to your favorite person.

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grammagussie wrote: This film open the mind to some self evaluation. I like to think that I'm a lot of peoples favorite person cause they sure are mine.
Faith wrote: The whole scene with her talking about her x girlfriend makes it sound like she was gay! Eoowww.
lovebug wrote: I looked up the word favourite, just to be sure if I understood what that word meant. I am positive I am not anyones favourite person. I could have had hurt feelings, but I chose not to be depressed by that fact.
mitu915 wrote: wow what a telling film piece! tragic, penetrating, but also has a deeply compassionate ring to it all! lovely. :)
Flowers wrote: After watching this piece I have just emailed my beautiful mother to let her know she is my favourite person - and I now have a big smile on my face :)

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