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Rescued While Running Away From Home

--by sabrina, posted Jul 9, 2008

A few years during the worst phase of my life, I ran away from home and did not know where to go. I just landed in a town to meet a friend who happened to be away on a vacation. It was late in the night and I had nowhere to go.  I called the phone number my friend had given me.

A polite voice answered the phone and informed me that he was my friend's friend. He came to meet me at the bus station and took me home for the night. I confessed everything to him and he really took care of me like a baby and spent the entire next three days with me, trying to reason things.

Once he was confident that I was ok, he booked my ticket to go home without informing me. He took me out  for the day and introduced all his friends and by evening gave me the ticket and  I went back home safe and sound.  I thank GOD for meeting this stranger on that day. He saved me and today I owe my life to him. I am still scared to think of that night if it were not for him.

Today he is a very good friend who lives in a different country.  We try to chat once in a while.  I would forever thank him in my heart.

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makethemsmile wrote: god is always ther for us. i care.
grammagussie wrote: I'm so glad this story had such a happy ending. It's wonderful that angles are out there to take care of us when we are out on a limb.thanks for sharing.
MyHeart2Yours wrote: We've all wanted to run away from something. Isn't it amazing how there's always someone there to put us back on the right path!
katrina wrote: it's just very touching that such ppl still exist even today...+)
sovereign wrote: God Bless YOU, sabrina, for sharing this with us. What a fantastic way for God to step in and help you, help that friend to help you, and for YOU to help us to realize that we are not alone out there in this world. We often do not realize just how much love and care God has for us and we do not always recognize how He works in our lives. BUT, God is always there in one way or another. Thank God for people like you, who share things like this with us. You have, indeed, helped some others with this story. AND....thank YOU for walking with God!
Lovey wrote: The old saying"home sweet home" you can travel the world but your home and family is where your heart will always go back to. I have done what you have done, Running away just makes you miss home more..I am glad you went back to your loved ones.
Marina wrote: What a gracious man. You're very lucky to meet a stranger who happens to have only good intentions in mind for you.
athens wrote: Ther are angels everywhere
paul wrote: You're also very lucky, men take advantage of women and you may have woken up with a man in your bed!
sethi wrote: Do what your heart tells you to do. That is the bottomline. God was watching over you.

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