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The Little Black Book

--by mouse, posted Jul 7, 2008

I met a work colleague of my husband's a few weeks ago and had forgotten just how hard he was on himself. He thinks he's stupid, ugly, unable to communicate, a bad parent, unable to control his temper and unlikely to amount to anything much in his life. 

I found this to be a complete contrast to what I see when I look at him. He's caring, considerate, a good listener, very capable at work and a real family man who will sacrifice anything to give his loved ones the best.  After a few drinks I broached this subject of affirmations and told him I was going to write him a book of inspirational quotes to make him stop in his tracks and see what others see. 

So, one long wet winter afternoon I sat with a little black notebook and put what I consider to be an inspiring quote on every page. It probably took me about three hours to find the quotes that I think he needed to hear but I think it'll be worth it. He is in Afhganistan this summer for more than six months and if that book fits snugly into his combats and helps to see him through the danger then I think it's more than worth it!  And, for the rest of us, why not fill a book with inspirational thoughts and leave it in the car glove box; next time you're waiting for the dentist or doctor or a crash to be cleared fill your head with joy, not the constant drumming of fingers!! 

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Rajni Gohil wrote:

Inspire others is the best thing one can do. Reading inspirational quotes, story and positive thinking can definitely make life worthwhile.

I am fortunate to send some inspiring and helpful emails everyday to bring happiness in readers. All welcome.

Rajnigohil@hotmail. Com
suchitra wrote: A very nice gesture. I have the habit of writing quotes for brightening up my outlook, but you have put in effort to do it for another person which is really heartwarming. Keep up the good work. The world needs people like you to make it a better place.
makethemsmile wrote: thank you,that was very caring. you will know no pain.
katrina wrote: that is sooooo sweet. ;p
grammagussie wrote: Quotes are so uplifting. I have one on my bathroom mirror that says "Because Nice Matters" made with vinal letters.
This is a neet idea. Thanks for sharing.
Nandi wrote: Mouse,
What u did for ur husband's colleague was indeed bery sweet and kind! Thanks for sharing.
And, yep, keeping inspirational quotes and reading them in seemingly 'bad' or 'unpleasant' situations is a damn good idea! Very good way to focus on the positives!!
I love to collect inspirational quotes and read them as often as I could.
MARINA wrote: Consider it done.
henderseon ROX wrote: topnotch
suako wrote: Seemingly, we share similar thoughts and ideas considering that I had done the same thing for my dear friend.
Suako wrote: Seemingly, we share similar thoughts and ideas considering that I had done the same thing for my dear friend.

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