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Extended Hand In Friendship Today.

--by bearwoman1501, posted Sep 26, 2015
Our neighbor has two sweet, formerly abused rescue dogs. For several days, I have been able to coax them to come near me by offering "doggie treats". Today they both took treats from my hand. I was happy that I was able to finally gain their trust. I occurs to me that there are people in my acquaintance
 who also seem fearful, distrusting and distant with me. I vowed today that I will not judge them, but will simply extend my hand and hope that they will trust my attempts at friendship.
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aleyne00 wrote: What a truly lovely reminder of the power of kindness! Thanks for brightening my morning!
kiwicat wrote: I have a rescue dog. Its funny how dog training and human relationships can be the same. Trust, love, good healthy food and plenty of exercise and correct stimulation cures most ills in a dog and human?
mindyjourney wrote: Insightful connection, my friend. Blessings of non-judment as you extend hand in friendship.
Mitalichawla wrote: beautiful... you learned something today.. :) keep smiling.. ♥
savraj wrote: So beautiful. Yes everyone has a story.
bearwoman1501 wrote: I am happy to share my onsite from today. You friends have inspired me!
leoladyc728 wrote: Great triumph with the pups.
bountiful wrote: so lovely to know caring for dogs is out there, takes special person your friend and you are part of that kindness too awesome ::)))
splain wrote: so true about people, fearful, distrusting because of previous life experiences. makes it easier to understand them and be patient and not judgmental. I will remember this when I talk to others now
AndiCas wrote: Lovely story. Patience pays back.

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