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Smile - Reading Is Fun!

--by kbv, posted Sep 20, 2015
I used my second smile card the other day. My daughter and I chose a chapter book in the children's section of our local library and put a dollar and the smile card inside for some lucky early reader to find!
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kristalt wrote: Cute idea. Fun to share an act of giving with your daughter. She will remember things like that!
FairyBubbles wrote: That will be such a lovely surprise.
ann51marie wrote: Wonderful! Each kind act makes our world a nicer place. Positive thoughts that your deed is passed on & that a child is thaught the importance of kindness, how good it feels.
savraj wrote: Such a sweet idea!
RoseMarie wrote: Love
RoseMarie wrote: Lovely x
mindyjourney wrote: So wonderful! What a nice surpise someone will get :)).
mish wrote: Fun kindness x
melnotes wrote: Awesome! Love those smile cards :)

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