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Standing on a train for others to sit

--by jenninemay, posted Sep 22, 2015
This morning I was sitting on the train commuting to work. I noticed a lady who was pregnant and no- one offered her a seat, even those who were sitting in the disabled seats.

I really was enjoying sitting down as I suffer vertigo and struggle to stand on the train, however I eventually offered my seat and stood for the hour commute to work.

I did have sore feet but I did feel good that I let someone who needed the seat much more than me have what she needed.
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ann51marie wrote: Thank you, how thoughtful & kind to give up your seat even though it caused you physical discomfort. Very nice!
lindariebel wrote: I hope others that saw you will think twice and next time be as kind as you.
Donna wrote: The right thing to do,it's hoped others see that. Nice.
sunita wrote: That was very kind of you! Glad that you set an example for all to follow. May the love and kindness touch everyone's heart and inspire to care and share.
debussy wrote: Such a simple act, yet so profound!
Lalitha wrote: Isn't the absence of such empathy ends up in making trivial laws. Like taking a designated ladies seat in city buses by able bodied men a punishable offence. In a highly patriarchal society like india,such laws are bound to be made. And enforcement of it lies with all concerned. In an incident i did intervene when a man was standing carrying a child but men who had occupied ladies seat did not respond empathetically until it was made aware of.
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for your kindness, especially when it caused you discomfort. blessings of comfy feet.
melarie wrote: Bless :)
savraj wrote: So nice of you
pallok wrote: What goes around comes around. Your good deed won't go unnoticed in the universe.

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