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A Midwife, the Sea, and Sharing

--by JackieHall, posted Jul 11, 2008
I have been trying to think of ways that I can give without having to spend money, as I've been finding it quite hard to do. I was cleaning out my 18-month-old son's bedroom when I found the packaging to his sea-life-themed bedroom set, which cost about $250 and included stacks of things to create a full bedroom theme. I loved it and really enjoyed putting my baby in a room with these surroundings. I justified the price at the time by keeping the packaging and vowing to sell the stuff when I was finished. However, i decided that instead of selling it, I would wrap it up with a gift bag and a card and take it up to the hospital and let the maternity nurse decide who needed it the most and who may not be able to afford something similar. The midwife was really touched by the gesture and secretly indicated a young girl who had been in the hospital for 3 weeks waiting for the arrival of her newborn baby. The midwife said that this gift would really cheer the young girl up and that she would absolutely love it. I left before the gift was given - purposely, but boy did I have a smile on my face, and so did the midwife too. So far, I would say that this was the most rewarding act of kindness I have done, and I am grateful that I found this website that inspires me to keep finding new ways to inspire and help others to change the world one kind act at a time. Thank you all so much for your inspirational stories and support.
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SANYOGITA wrote: Thanks 4 sharing a most beautiful and inspiring story.Thanks a lot.Hope u continue doing such good deeds.
lovebug wrote: The word midwife stood out for me, haven't heard it in a longtime, hope it means we will be returning to a more natural way of having babies. It was a very kind act that you did. The comment by Novice101, pointed out the gift wrap, it did indeed make it even more special
Gassim wrote: My dear Jackie I hope you are very happy now, since you made a good decision and helped a mother and her baby. You should now be grateful and excited to help more. Because the more you help the more you get helped (It's like a pay it forward)...
Then lots of other people will get helped
maer wrote: So encouraging. I love the idea and can think of other ways to do something similar. Thank you.
novice101 wrote: It was thoughtful of you to make the extra effort to wrap up the gift and also to attach a card along with it. Many such acts lose much of the meaning when they were given away in an unthinking manner.
perseverance wrote: I am inspired by your thinking in the first place and then act on it quickly and then finish it immediately You hesitate more thoughts enter and you change your mind and it does not result in anything in the end.You acted with precision and with speed and with a noble thought and so you reaped the benefit, a smile Is there a money value for a smile No it is priceless,Thanks
AURELIA wrote: Jackie, You are wonderful! Thank you for opening your mind and following your heart, instead of your wallet! Someday you will tell this story to your son and he will learn from it too. That young mom waiting for her "special delivery" just received a little mood booster from your special delivery. :) ~Aurelia
brighteyes wrote: Love the story and your thought processes...thanks for sharing and caring and gifting....kindness do NOT have to be monetary and many that are simple gesture touch us and others the most!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is awesome! Thanks for caring and thinking of others!
lmil1954 wrote: Thanks Jackie, that was truly a wonderful thing you thought to do, it came from a precious heart, yours! Linda:)

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