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Middle-of-the-night errand.

--by poetrybug, posted Sep 28, 2015
My friend hurt her leg while out in town. Luckily (sort of) we had some crutches at home from another leg injury she had a few weeks ago. I got changed (it was 2am) and ran down into town with them so she could get back okay. I'm so glad I was able to help.
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AndiCas wrote: She's lucky to have you! I'm sure she knows that :)
bountiful wrote: great friend and helping her in need, karma the crutches were there too xx
melnotes wrote: Awesome help to friend, thank you :)
savraj wrote: You are a good friend!
kjoyw wrote: You are a true friend! She is very lucky to have you in her life.
pyronik wrote: Yes, well done for rescuing your friend. Not sure I'd be capable of kindness at that time - you're an inspiration.

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