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Noticing An Agitated Duck

--by Elizabeth, posted Jul 10, 2008

Kim Tucker was heading home to West Sacramento last week and saw a sight that can't rightly be ignored.

There, by the side of the road, was a remarkably agitated duck, pacing the pavement and flapping in fear.

Her ducklings, Tucker learned on subsequent inspection, had fallen through a drainage grate and were desperately treading water in the filthy bog below.

She looked for help, eventually enlisting a burly construction worker (to pry off the grate), a slew of onlookers and, she was surprised to note, a teenage boy, who whipped off his shoes and, without hesitation, slipped into the drain and started retrieving the ducklings in distress, one by one.

"He was right on it," an impressed Tucker said. "It was (a very) human moment."

But not all 13-year-olds are so human, judging by the number of like-aged boys who passed by the scene with little more than a glance.

What made this particular kid stop and help? Tucker inquired.

"I go to school in Davis," he reported. "They teach us that kind of stuff."

[Originally reported in Sacramento Bee]

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BedBug wrote: That's just so cute!
makethemsmile wrote: thank god for the lessons that sticks.i care.
grammagussie wrote: Hartwarming story. Thanks for sharing.
sapna wrote: very nice story
irongrace wrote: your story touched my heart and thankyou to the boy. you are right not many kids would stop these days. This makes him very special.
Kirsten wrote: What a heart warming story!
sethi wrote: a Touching story of human kindness.
maer wrote: All I can say is 'WOW' & praise the Lord for that young man!
Mangala wrote: This story touched my heart! What a luck for the desperate duck to meet so kind and helpful people!! Reminds me of a scene in the film "The March of the Penguins" where a penguin mother cries out of desperation and sorrow when she
notices that her chick has frozen dead.
When will we became ready to write an Animal Rights chart?
londonfog wrote: what a caring and wonderful group of people you all are . I am sure in her little ducky heart that mother is very grateful to all of you for rescuing her babies

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