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A day at the supermarket

--by brindlegirl, posted Oct 5, 2015
A man in the supermarket today called me a good samaritan. His comment took me by surprise. He didn't know me. And what I had just done wasn't exactly 'samaritan' worthy. Or so I thought...

I grocery shop every week. Some weeks even multiple times. And every single time I am loading the conveyer belt up with all my groceries, I will offer and let the person behind go in front. Especially when they have only a few items and I am still loading up mine.

Today I let two people go in front of me, including the man who called me a good samaritan for doing so.

But really?

Am I?

Isn't this just a simple courtesy?

Something I hope everyone would do...

I was in no hurry today and even if I were, why should that man wait behind me in line?

Because I got there first?

Because I was in the line first?

How absurd.

He only had a carton of milk, tub a butter, and I a gazillion things to unpack.

It saddened me today a little that this man was so delighted in something which should be an everyday occurrence and not a first for him. I look forward to the day when kindness rules all our hearts ♥

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nages.sieslack wrote: You are observant and that is becoming rarer these days. I have been in the man's position many times and would have felt thankful the same way he did if someone had let me go before them :)
MeMyselfI wrote: That is a great thing to do! The world needs more good books and many need shoes and don't have them. I have to go through a huge pile of books myself and i am going to follow your example. Thanks for the great idea!
MeMyselfI wrote: That is a huge kindness! And it is not the norm to let someone with only a few items go before you if you have a ton of stuff. I have done it but i can't recall one time when someone has done me that favor. I don't expect it & so don't get irritated, of course :-)
pajacuzzi03 wrote: When you start adding little acts of kindness to your every day, they do become habits or 'just the sensible way to do things". But make no mistake, you are a good samaritan. I'm trying to make a habit of grocery counter line courtesy and reading your comment will help me. A number of years ago, i started using road courtesy when driving and it has become a habit that even my co-workers notice.
Rutha wrote: I was so happy to see your story. I have often done the same thing in a store and feel the same way you do, it should just be a common courtesy. Come to think of it, however, i never recall anyone asking me to go ahead of them when i have just a few items. Keep up the good deeds. I think many others think of you as a good samaritan and perhaps they too will pay it forward!
melnotes wrote: You are a kindness angel and very considerate brindlegirl :)
TC wrote: You are leading by example hopefully the gentleman learns and starts to do the same as you. Simple acts of kindness becoming a way of life, beautiful.
splain wrote: What used to be normal behaviour isn't anymore. Men don't even get up and give their seat to a pregnant woman. I was stunned by that. I would do it without thinking. So the world has changed but I still think you deserve that recognition they gave you.
AndiCas wrote: Sadly it's not an everyday occurrence, although there's no reason why it can't become one again if we all do our bit.
mindyjourney wrote: Be of good cheer, my friend...we are all leading by example and it IS becoming the norm :)))).

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