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Three Little Things That Made A Big Difference

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Jul 24, 2008

This week I was reminded that everything we do matters in life. I did 3 small things this week that I found out made a big difference to someone else. 

I waved to a new neighbor who was intensely watching her little boy in the yard. She broke into a smile and a few days later told me that I had changed the rest of her day for the better with my small gesture.

When I was in the drugstore, the woman stocking cold medicine dropped one. I picked it up and handed it to her, thinking nothing of it.  She thanked me and told me her back was hurting and she appreciated what I did.

I found that a few kind words can touch someone more deeply than you ever could have known. “Thank you” does matter and can make someone feel appreciated.  A sincere “I’m sorry” does make a difference and can lighten a difficult situation.  And a few thoughts from the heart grow larger when they reach someone else’s heart.

I barely thought much about it when I did any of these things. But I was reminded yet again that everything we do matters. Never underestimate the impact you may have on someone!

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unknown wrote: Thank you for sharing. Wonderful.
-Author Diana Neiderhiser.
BedBug wrote: I agree that people working retail deserve whatever encouragement we can give. When i'm impatiently waiting in a long checkout line and i finally get to the cashier, i always try to acknowledge the fact that for her the line is unending and that for me, at least, my turn has come. They always seem so grateful that someone recognizes the difficulty of the work they do (for a paltry wage! ) and it brings a smile.
makethemsmile wrote: I totally, completely support you and it also add flavour to our own lives.
Sandi wrote: I truly believe that each of us touches the ife of another person everyday.
We just don't realize it!
It could be something as simple as a wave of the hand, a smile, or even a hello. It may be a natural thing for you but to the person on the receiving end, it might have made their day.
Keep up the good work my fellow earth angels.
Mariat wrote: I have witnessed this happening with me many times.. and have been called the Smiling Lady.. but your last line has really touched me. One does underestimate ones impact on others...thanx for adding a smile!
Rubenthri wrote: I fully agree. We live such a fast paced lifestyle in this commercialised world. Sadly, those priceless gestures are often overlooked and yet are most significant.The little always make a difference no matter what we think.
Caratyzna wrote: Retail is such a great area for kindness. There is always a clerk and a customer in need of something to brighten their day. People never seem to realize how much of an impact the little things can have.
siva wrote: The kind of moral from "three little things" is the one which makes others impressed and regarding this i agree with.
shalini wrote: Sometimes just a kind word helps others and in turn makes us feel so good. Love and hate come from the same part of the body, heart, but in love we feel expanded and in hate we feel as we are becoming smaller.
Regina wrote: yeah simple things like appreciating someone, thanking someone and being kind really does alot of good to someone. that was true

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