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A Gas Station Gift I Couldn't Afford

--by bubbie, posted Jul 23, 2011

Just recently, there was a man standing near the islands in the gas station when I pulled in. I had recognized him from before, when I saw him trying to cross 4 lanes of traffic with crutches. He still had his crutches with him.

When I got out of the car he politely asked me if he could pump my gas. I said, no thank you and continued on. I started to notice he asked other people the same question, and I realized he was doing it for money, but he wasn't getting any. As I looked at him, he seemed genuinely worn out and running low on energy.

As I passed by him to go inside, he smiled and commented on how hot it was. I agreed, and asked him if he had walked here. He said yes, he is trying to get donations to be able to keep him and his sick wife in a hotel, because thats the only place left for them, besides the street. I went inside the gas station grabbed a couple of cold waters, and went back outside.

As I approached him and handed him the water, he looked at me with teary eyes, then I handed him the change from a twenty. He looked back at me and said, "God Bless You."

My heart felt so good!

I really couldn't afford to give him what I did, but by golly, at least I have the luxury of knowing where I'll be every night. Most people will call me a sucker and I gave into a bum.

I don't believe that. I did what I thought was right.

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sajha wrote: Good for you! While discernment is important, when we are prompted to give i think it's best to let go of judgement. How can we know what's really going on with someone in need. Blessings, saj
woodcarv101 wrote: I once pondered as to whether "giving in to a bum" is ever really the case. It occurred to me that everyone i give to is helped in some way. Even a scammer can not possibly continue to stare into the faces of one kind, generous, caring person after another without somehow being impacted in a positive way.
Willlow wrote: Bubbie, that was a lovely thing you did. It doesn't matter whether the other person's story was "true" or not. The real gift was yours. "to enjoy the world without judgement is what a realized life is like. " blessings, willow
cinnamonhead wrote: Be kind to strangers for you may be entertaining angels without knowing!
CharlieB wrote: Well done! I have the feeling the good karma will come back around to bless you!
mel wrote: Its amazing how simple it is to help another. Somthing such as cold water and change can change someones day and give them hope! I know i dont have any spare cash at the end of each week but i woulkd have done exactly the same thing for this man. Its easy to judge but it also take nothing to be kind. I believe people like this come into and out of our lives to help us be better people. So looking at it this way you both did eachother a great service :) if i ever am in a situation like this man i hope there are people out there like you! Love and light xo
moral12 wrote: That was a very generous gesture of yours. Many people are hurting in this bad economy, and, your compassion, i'm sure, was much appreciated.
Lynn wrote: I dont think you were "taken", he was willing to work, that is not someone who is taking advantage. May he grace you both.
Gilgenbach wrote: God bless you! It really seems this man was in genuine need. Even if he wasn't, that's between him and god. You did the right thing, and that's what's important. Thank you.
Divakar wrote: Awesome :) god bless you

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