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Smiley Balloons

--by brighteyes, posted Aug 2, 2008

While I was out shopping for some cool birthday candles for a friend I came across some SMILEY BALLOONS! 

Big, bright, yellow smiley faces that I can blow up into gigantic balloons and share with others.  I am making my plans, pulling out smile quotes, deciding who will be my kindness recipients.

I am also going to go to the Hobby store and buy some small rocks and add a smile face (an idea from this site!).  It seems with the cold, gray skies, a new year beginning, etc that many people are in a slump, have the blues or are depressed. My plan is to bring cheer, smiles, upliftment, and surprise with gifted smiley baloons, smile quotes and more!

Can you believe I found the smiley balloons in the cooking section at Safeway?  SMILING, ALL THE MORE! 

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AURELIA wrote: Neat! I'm glad you are always thinking! These are wonderful ideas and sounds like you will have fun preparing to spread smiles everywhere. ~Aurelia
ruru wrote: Cool ideas!
That's a great way to cheer up the kids at my school. Sometimes you see them come in and know the day didn't start right.... I'm thinking it would be a very simple and perfect way to smile their day.
:^) sending you smiles for this one...
makesomeonesmile wrote: That is great brighteyes. I think you help make your own luck to find such things. Thanks for always thinking and caring!
lOVEBUG wrote: Yes I can beieve, you found ballons at safeway in the cooking section. God's blessing are every where, even in the cooking section. My most dreaded isle, I hate to cook, but I might decided to take a stroll down that isle, just because you recomended it. Who knows. I might just like it.
cassiemeadows wrote: hey, what i find! thats so special, i hope i can find some for my friend who's birthday is fast approaching :P
Alraisi wrote: That was so nice for You to find that Big Smiley faces. I'm sure You were smiling while you were carrying the balloons. Keep It Up...!!!
Angel4eva wrote: wonderful ideas
Raqui wrote: That is a very nice idea and i am sure many people will be happy to recieve them :) Big Hugs Raqui
cabbage wrote: Great idea!! Thanks for sharing...
katlampi wrote: Ohh you are so very creative, Brighteyes!!! Thank you for all the great ideas! Keep em coming!! :) God Bless

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