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Post It Note Love

--by kiwicat, posted Oct 7, 2015
Husband is off on his work travels. Last night I wrote little love notes (on post-it notes of course) and sneakily popped them in amongst the clothes in his suitcase. Lol, i just had a thought about him taking a meeting with one accidentally stuck on the back of his shirt! Oh well, if that happens they will all know he is loved!
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MeMyselfI wrote: A great thing to find when you are in a hotel far from home!
ZoeLynne wrote: That is so sweet!
pyronik wrote: :-) that's a lovely thing to do. One of my first posts on here was that husband was going on a works trip abroad & I'd bought him some books & put little love-note bookmarks in. They were a bit obvious though. Yours will be a lovely surprise :-)
RoseMarie wrote: Thank is so lovely for you to do. Funny the thought of a post it note stuck to his shirt ...They are usually bright or luminous so hopefully he'll be safe enough x 💓
mish wrote: Adorable :))))) 💕
alisamom wrote: That is so awesome!
mindyjourney wrote: Oh, I hope one does stick to his shirt for a meeting :))))). Great kindness and love, dear friend :)).
terre wrote: Would love it if one of those post-its accidentally showed up at a meeting!
Mel37865 wrote: Sweet!
savraj wrote: Oh I can just see the smile in his face when he sees them. You are such a darling.

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