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Delivering Newspapers and Smiling in the Rain

--by cabbage, posted Aug 4, 2008

On my way to mail 20 envelopes of smile cards (what a great way to start the day :-)  I saw that many of our neighbors' newspapers were wrapped in blue plastic because of the rain and were left at the end of their driveways near the street.  I always bring in our paper for my husband so when I went out that morning I thought it would be nice for them if they didn't have to walk outside in the beastly rain to get the paper.   I went around and put each of my neighbors' papers on their front doorsteps! 

A small thing, but they will never know that it was me! :-)
I left for work with a big smile on my face!

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AURELIA wrote: Wow Cabbage, I missed this story!!! Isn't that funny that you and I were out doing the samething, but you were dealing with rain and I was dealing with snow!!!!! Love Aurelia
warmth wrote: Cool. Keep up the good work and wish u a lot more :)s always. God Bless u :)
wayfarer wrote: Anonymous acts of kindness have a special pleasure all of their own. Keep on enjoying it!
lOVEBUG wrote: I used to work for a news paper in customer service. The carriers had to pay for the plastic to cover the news paper. I developed a real respect for the carriers. Thanks you, all of you who carry the newspapers, I do know how hard you work. And thank you every one, those who take your time to bring the paper close to your neighbors door. It not only helps the carrier who is usually in a hurry ,many work second jobs, but you make it possible for your neighbor to read the news. Plastic will not keep the paper dry if it stay out in the rain to long. God Bless.
brighteyes wrote: CABBAGE....THANK YOU on behalf of those homeowners who will find their newspaper on their door steps...a great way to start the day, no?? I believe Aurelia did the same RAOK a little while guys want to come to my neighborhood?? chuckle chuckle
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is awesome, thanks for caring!
lmil1954 wrote: That is a real good one. You did a big thing for many neighbors! LindaM:)
JuneBug wrote: Seems like there is alot of this going around...AND I am sure it is deeply appreciated by others!!! You are a great neighbor!!!
butterfly wrote: i agree, you are a great neighbour. keep up the great work. angels walk among us, and you are definiely one of them. love and light x

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