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Ms. Secret Smile

--by MsSecretSmile, posted Aug 18, 2008

Hello, You dont know me or do you? I cant tell you who I am so just call me Ms Secret Smile. 

I have volunteered to send smile cards and I sent out my first batch this week.  It was a challenge for me because I am not in the best finacial condition but I wanted to partake so badly.  So I committed myself to send smile cards for as long as I can.

There was someone who stood out in my shipping list.  The address was litterally around the corner from my home.  I had an idea.  I was going to give this person 20 of my own smile cards on top of the 10 she would receive from HelpOthers.  I also gave a card to her explaining why I bought the cards personally and it was all wrapped up in a ribbon with a smile ballon waving in the air.  I placed it in her mail box and rang bell the bell until someone opened the door.  With speedy footsteps, I ran away from the home hoping to escape before they came out to look.

I have been smiling all night wondering what she thought.

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bookworm58 wrote: You are a sweetie for sure. I will do that with some of my smile cards too!

We have clips outside the apt doors and i will leave a smile card on some neighbors.
BedBug wrote: This is awesome! I'll bet it was great fun. So much more exciting to give!
onefish2fish wrote: This is the best kind of kindness, the kind that stays with you long after the dead was done. Way to go!
Jassz wrote: That is SO cool! It made me smile and giggle! I can imagine the glow you felt thinking about her smile and maybe happy tears and the simplest glimmer of hope from such a kindness. And it gave me a great idea! Thanks!
Babyshoes wrote: Wonderful, hope you dont mind but Im going to take a page from your book and try to do the same....hee hee cant wait to have some fun. Thanks for the inspiring idea xxxx
trang wrote: So Creative.
So Sweet.
So Lovely.
well, Ms.SecretSmile, I hope you can go further place to give the poor these special gifts.
Thanks for making my life so fantastic today!!!
Daffodil wrote: Oh, this was a cutie. I love your sense of humor.
akbj wrote: So way cool, thanks for sharing your story, it inspires me that there are people like you in the world.
Bluebell wrote: It doesn't really matter your identity, what really matter is that you are on of us. When I say us I mean one of the 6 billion fantastic human beings with enormous hearts that live on planet Earth. May each smile you give away come back to you a thousand times filled with Love, Peace, Joy, Health and Wealth.
irongrace wrote: This is so cool It definatley made me smile.

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