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Help While Grieving a Suicide

--by brighteyes, posted Aug 10, 2008

   Some of you may remember my story of actively listening and comforting my "drama queen"  friend when other co-workers were burned out  from her continuous list of grievances. 

   Well, guess who was and is my sympathetic ear and comforter during a recent work tragedy?

    Yep,  my drama queen friend immediately took me aside to offer her support and comfort.  She listened while I poured out my grief, anger and shock over the unexpected suicide.

   Then she shared a confidence with me, a secret she has shared with no one but relatives concerning a suicide that occurred many years ago in her family.

    We talked and she told me how her family dealt with the tragedy, for instance how they went to counselling and joined a support group.  She offered advise that she gleamed from the experience. The next day she brought me a great book to read  that helped her and also offered a helpful website about loss and grieving.

    I am grateful she is in my life and is so empathetic having walked a mile in the same or similiar shoes. I am pleasantly surprised  and grateful to be experiencing a kindness ricochet, meaning  the kindness and support I gave her was returned to me when I needed it most. 

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JuneBug wrote: YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW....:}
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is very cool. God brings everyone into your life for a reason!
wayfarer wrote: Brighteyes, if any one story could sum up all that we are doing here, it would be your story with DQ.
I'm gonna send you all my Karmabucks just for that!
lmil1954 wrote: Kindness ricochet, karma, what goes around comes reap what you sow...the list is endless...all true, my friend, all true. I'm glad you are here. You make my day! Love, Linda:)

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