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What I loved today...

--by brindlegirl, posted Oct 26, 2015
You know what I loved today ...?

Seeing this bin out the front of a supermarket here at our coastal stay collecting food for animals in needs. What I loved most was when purchasing a few tins of dog food myself to add, seeing the bin was already overflowing with donations.

Seeing the kindness of others today who had also donated completely made my day ♥

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kristinrhea63 wrote: That's awesome
MeMyselfI wrote: I always give a dollar or 2 to help rescue animals, when i check out at the pet store!
lt33 wrote: That's a great idea i wish they had a bin out here around the pet stores for animals but we have a place where they collect old blankets for cats we had so many old sheets & blankets now they are in pet cages keeping the cats in a local pet place warm 😺
jonah_atx wrote: I bet that if everyone donates something there will be no suffering children.
Mish wrote: Warms the heart to see this. ❤️
KindMyst wrote: Blessed the animals and the people who love them. Well done supermarket.
AndiCas wrote: At the front of a supermarket is such a great place to have a donations bin. It's so easy then to pick something up and help out.
mindyjourney wrote: Love when our local supermarkets do :)))). tx for donating, dear friend.
pluto178 wrote: There are so many different bins we could line up one person would be keen to fill one and another would not want to use that bin at all..............this bin though is a wonderful idea. x
debbe530 wrote: I donate every other month to the Portland Food Proect. This month in addition to a bit of human food there was a big bag of cat kibble. Well done, BG.

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