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A Sincere and Honest Petrol Station Clerk

--by kiwicat, posted Oct 24, 2015
On Thursday my car overheated and I went to the petrol station to get help. Instead of selling me the wrong and expensive in store product, the attendant referred me to an auto supply shop where I got the correct product for my car.

I went back to thank him with a bag of treats. Well, I went in today to get petrol and this is what happened - one of the other attendants said he was so pleased he kept looking at everything in the bag, they took a photo and sent it to the gas station owner. The owner emailed it to all the other station owners in the North Island.

One of the owners forwarded it to Head Office and they sent a thank you to the attendant. I told my husband and he said 'its amazing how a small act can be so big' and I agree :-)
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sarahbwilhelms wrote: Awesomely beautiful!
lt33 wrote: That's great your kindness spreader all around & you really made him feel special about his job 😊
AndiCas wrote: What a brilliant example of ripples!
melnotes wrote: Kindness ripples all the way! Awesome Kiwicat :)
splain wrote: One small act look what it can lead to. This is what it is all about
mish wrote: Giant ripples!!!!!
mindyjourney wrote: woo-hooo!!! those are some amazing kindness ripples, my friend ;))). Well done!
terre wrote: Definitely sending that kindness all over!

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