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Secret Snow Scraper Strikes Again

--by brighteyes, posted Nov 1, 2008

I usually carpool to work with my hubby on the really cold, snowy winter days, as I feel safer with him driving us in his huge truck vs my little car.

Well, last winter, guess who was out sick for a few days? and guess who drove to work by herself? And guess how much snow fell?  5-6 inches and it froze so quickly into ice! Yep, you guessed it...."little old me!" 

After work one day last winter, I carefully walked to my car, started the engine, turned on the heat and defrost and located my bright red hefty ice scraper and brush to begin the task of removing all the snow and ice from the car. It had been snowing all day so I had a thick layer blanketing the windows, hood, and roof.

I worked away, trying not to be grumpy  or cranky about it, but not succeeding.  I  realized how spoiled I was because I usually get to hop into a warming truck while my hubby clears the snow, ice, etc from the windshields and truck body. I also realized how much work it is -- my arms were aching as I had to really stretch to clear the car roof.  I made a mental note to not take for granted this chore my hubby does for both of us.  He never complains and won't let me help him- what a gem!

As I was half-way through clearing the snow and ice off from my car, I got a second wind so I decided to clear the car next to me as my Random Act of Kindness for the day -- can't take credit for the idea, I read it on this website from another member!  Isn't that great, how we share ideas so that many others in different parts of the world can practice many different RAOK's?

I felt great when I got home after that! I knew that someone would be pleasantly surprised after a hard day of work to come out and find that their car had been cleared of snow. I also appreciated my hubby for doing this for me and thanked him profusely.

That evening, I made a silent pledge that as a Secret Snow Scraper I would strike again.  I'll have my chance again this winter... anyone else want to join me in taking the pledge?

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Elinore wrote: Now that sounds like a wonderful idea. I will do my part, too.
JuneBug wrote: Got no snow here...Knock on wood! Been raining alot,though. Maybe I could soap up someone's car??? :}
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: I'd take the pledge but I'd only be wiping off dust here in Arizona! Thanks for caring and making life just a little easier for a stranger. You are awesome brighteyes!
AURELIA wrote: I know what you mean, we've had over 30inches of snow already here. It seems like I just get done shoveling, and wake up and there's more~! That was a really nice thing to do for someone. I will have to remember that one. :) ~AUrelia
cassiemeadows wrote: that was very good of you. i've only seen snow one, living in autralia, so i can only imagine how much that would have ment to the owner of the car you helped.
well done Brighteyes! you are a constant inpiration to us all. Take care! xx
lmil1954 wrote: Yes, I'll take the pledge. My hubby always did that too, as well as cleaning up dog poop from the yard and always cleaning the front that he is away...yea, I do it all myself, and when it snows, I try to get to my neighbor's front walk before he shovels cos he's older than me. It's rewarding! I'll do it.

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