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Jackpot of Kindness from an unlikely source

--by terre, posted Nov 14, 2015
When I read a post about taking someone to the movies, I was reminded of something that happened a couple of years ago.

I used to drink Coca-cola and they had a contest where there was a code inside the bottle cap. You went to a website and entered the code and maybe you won something. I won some free cokes. But then, I won the Grand Prize! I was surprised and pleased.

The grand prize was free movies for a year!! What that turned out to be was that the company sent me 52 admission tickets for a local movie theater chain -- they figured one movie a week was what free movies for a year meant. All of the tickets had expiration dates later than a year from the day I received them. I used quite a few taking friends to movies we all wanted to see.

But the best thing I did with them was that I donated 22 tickets (all I had left by that time) to the local Women's Transition House, a place where women and their children could go when fleeing domestic violence or just a bad situation in general and get help to make a new start.

My workplace team had decided they would be a charity we collected donations for that particular Christmas. I knew that the Women's Transition House provided some childcare for the women, so they could go for job interviews and things like that.

I put those tickets in an envelope and wrote a note on the outside, asking Women's Transition House staff to give movie tickets to women there over the holidays to have something fun to do, with or without their children. It made me really happy to do this.
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Happy4u wrote: What a nice way to share your good fortune!
kindmind wrote: What a wonderful way to share what came to you.
Pat wrote: What a treat for them!
epowell wrote: A great way to share and think of others,
gillhendrie1 wrote: Great idea. I'm sure they appreciated the gift.
gillhendrie1 wrote: Great idea. I'm sure they appreciated the gift.
mish wrote: Totally AWESOME!!! Bless x
kjoyw wrote: terre, this is the most wonderful story!!! Thank you for sharing this. What a great kindness you did with something with something that was gifted to you!🎬
brindlegirl wrote: Wow. Wow and Wow. To the prize. You winning and what you did with it. I am so glad it was you that won .. look at the lives you blessed by doing so ♥
kiwicat wrote: That is a fantastic story! We view movies (at the theatre) as a treat, so Im sure these tickets were well received!

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