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My Opal Earrings Return To Me ...

--by mindyjourney, posted Nov 11, 2015
Opal earrings return to me :)).

Gave my favorite pair of opal earrings to a salesclerk (anonymously left them on a shelf with card) a few months ago. I really liked those earrings, but since she had admired them, thought it was the right thing to do....teaching me again the lesson of impermanence.

While on recent vacation, I found the EXACT pair of earrings in a shop that was having a close-out sale for the season. Was 1/3 the price and knew that they were to be mine again.

What is that saying about if you let something go and it never returns, it wasn't meant to be?? Well, seems if you let something go and it returns, it was meant to be :))).

Grateful to be open to both giving and receiving, my kind friends.

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Kindmyst wrote: I remember reading your story when you gave them away. I thought you were so generous. I am so glad you got yourself another pair.
mish wrote: I hope no one admires this pair, twinnie!!!!! :)))))
kperrine wrote: I think they will look purrectly awesome on Mindy only!
lt33 wrote: What an amazing selfless act on your part & to make that sales lady's week & so cool that u were able to get them again & on sale 👍
balou wrote: opal wings for Mindy :-)
splain wrote: Mindy sooooooooooo true. You have to wonder what is out there that we just can't question. You give something that you love away and bang, comes back in an amazing way. Don't you love it?
savraj wrote: So beautiful. They are yours again. Maybe even yours to give away again! 😃❤️
leoladyc728 wrote: Great earrings and what a kind thing you did by giving away your other pair.
AndiCas wrote: Certainly meant to be :)
pluto178 wrote: Or it cost you 125% for those earrings.........or you are keeping earring makers in full time employment.....or.......its synchronicity. x

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