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Losing My Fear of Having Enough

--by nflowers1228, posted Sep 13, 2008

I was moved after reading a story on this site about Adam's day in New York. I commented how it's so easy for me to spend $1.50 on soda every day (or more!), but when I walk by homeless people, somehow I fear that if I start to give them money, I won't have enough.

Well today, somehow that fear was lifted. This was not planned, but I had put $3 in my pocket this morning for sodas (it's Friday after all :-) and never got to the place where I buy them. Then, as I was walking to the train, I saw a homeless man ahead and remembered that I had money I could give. So, I took out one of the dollar bills and gave it to him.

I continued walking and came across another one of the regulars who hangs around at the same time and gave him one of the dollars as well. 

I have to say it felt good, but I realized that it was not just because I helped someone else. It was also because I let go of my hold on money: the fear that I wouldn't have enough. In giving them the money it made me realize how much the fear of not having enough kept me from helping others who definitely needed it more than me.

It's a difficult situation, because I do walk by these guys almost every day. I'm not sure what will happen the next time I come across them, but I still have one dollar left. And I know there's lots more where that came from, for me and for them :-)

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Anne Cook wrote: So many people are afraid to give to those less fortunate, for as many reasons as there are people. This was an uplifting and joyous telling of an experience that serves as an example to us all. Thank you for sharing.
susannah wrote: Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story. You were certainly not the only one with such fear. Thank god that he is surely the god of more than enough. I was blessed with the idea that we should let money flow through us.
Sudi wrote: An excellent reminder. Somehow with all the holiday spending over & fear of not having, it's easy to forget how healing "the power of giving" can be!
LOAS wrote: Thank you for sharing your story. I can totally relate. What has helped me is the realization that i don't really own anything. Everything that i have is just "on loan". This thinking makes it easier for me to let go my hold on money, and instead let it flow through me. It's a process, but i am getting beter. :)
Beth wrote: In a society which i often feel values money more than kindness, i find your post extremely refreshing and encouraging. Thank you for sharing this story.
Firecrystals wrote: You are right. I habve often felt like i wouldn/t have enough left if i give cash to homeless people on the streets. But i go an splurge on something else. Your story has opened my eyes.
BedBug wrote: I'm a firm believer that it comes back to you tenfold, so never be afraid that if you give you will not have enough. Giving is the only way to have enough, if you know what i mean.
lovebug wrote: I am not sure if i read adams story or not, but i am sure glad it made a impression on you. It truly was a great story thank you for sharing it with us. I think i was born to be a giver, but the act of giving has always protected me, when i have a true need that need has always been met. Pray that this will work for you. The lord is my sheperd and i shall not want. Works every time
mitu915 wrote: Thanks for sharing what your process of giving was like!
warmth wrote: Very well said.

Thank u for sharing your wonderful story. It is a grt inspiration for me

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