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Hanging Out With The Elderly

--by alisamom, posted Nov 4, 2015
My act of kindness for the day-some of my real life friends say enough for the whole month, was to take a drive with my daughter, our retired neighbour and her octogenarian friend.

We went to a fall/craft festival, then drove to a popular picnic spot in the mountains, then a very early dinner. I was pleasantly surprised at how polite and patient all the other drivers were when they noticed we were trying to "load/unload" an elderly gentleman and his walker. All the cars waited at a respectful distance until we waved them past.

I enjoyed the slower pace that we were forced to take, the very slow step by step pace reserved for the very old and very young. And I tried had to make him feel comfortable, to make sure he knew we were happy to see him and spend time with him.

And I'm glad to be back home where I don't have to yell to be heard :)
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terre wrote: Sounds like a lovely day with kindness spreading all around.
Brindlegirl wrote: Beautiful Alisamom. Beautiful ♥
splain wrote: This was a beautiful thing to do. Often the elderly don't drive anymore and miss out on lovely rides and outings. What a wonderful thing to do for all them.
mindyjourney wrote: Sounds like a kind day indeed, my friend! :))))). Remember how I had to yell for mother to hear and I'd forget and keep yelling (at husband). Thank you, for also enjoying the blessing of today.
sandyremillar wrote: very beautiful encounter! bless you....
leoladyc728 wrote: sounds like such a fantastic day. glad you were able to enjoy it.
savraj wrote: So kind of you to give them company and go at their pace! 💕
Novice50 wrote: A really lovely act of kindness
AndiCas wrote: Its sounds like marvellous day out for all concerned. I used to drive for a charity which took the elderly out for tea, and I so recognise that difficulty of loading and unloading! Possibly one of the funniest moments of my life was trying to get a firmly wedged lady out of the back seat of my Mini in the pouring rain and then up a set of stairs, all whilst blocking traffic on a busy road and in the knowledge that I had to do it all in reverse in a couple of hours!
melnotes wrote: Always a wonderful day hanging out with the elderly!

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