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Kindness Received In The Supermarket

--by AndiCas, posted Nov 9, 2015
In the supermarket today my family and I were standing by the bakery counter waiting for assistance when another lady came along and pointed out the take a ticket machine. Ooops! I then took a ticket, but only after this lady plus another had theirs and were ahead of me in the queue.

When the assistant finally appeared, the lady pressed her ticket into my hand and swapped it for mine, taking herself from first to last in the queue so that I could go first. I was really touched. It really did give me a tremendous boost to be the recipient of a kindness like that. :-)
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mindyjourney wrote: So kind of the woman :))) and good to have reminder how it feels to another when we give a kindness :)))).
kiwicat wrote: Super kindness! Strange system!
Novice50 wrote: great to see kindness coming to kind people!
splain wrote: It is those funny, wonderful little gestures that do it
kjoyw wrote: How kind of her! But it was also a kindness that you let her so it. We really have to know how to receive a kindness as well as give one.
terre wrote: Being on the receiving end of kindness only helps us want to be kind ourselves more often, at least that's my experience.
leoladyc728 wrote: kindness comes when we least expect it.
sandyremillar wrote: Fairness and kindness, great qualities!
melnotes wrote: How sweet is this!
lya348 wrote: It's amazing when little kindnesses come into our lives like that.

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