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Visions of Cheeseburgers

--by sayge17, posted Nov 5, 2015
Visions of cheeseburgers -- that was what her cardboard sign said as she stood at the intersection of the mall exit and the highway. She was skinny and young, with a backpack on the ground next to her, although the weariness on her face made her look so much older.

We pulled over and I jumped out to give her a few bucks and received a smile and a tentative "thank you ma'am" for my humble donation. But as we drove away, I looked down at the bag by my feet holding a junior cheeseburger in it; a surprise for our much spoiled big mutt awaiting us at home. " A burger for my dog," I thought, and sighed.

Seemingly at the same time, my partner made a u turn and said, "we have to go back. We have to buy her lunch!" Back to Wendy's we went and ordered 2 cheeseburgers, a large order of fries and a lemonade and headed back to the exit once again.

As soon as she saw our jeep I knew that she remembered us (the huge dent in the front bumper might have been a give away). I got out of the car and handed her the bag and she breathed in the aroma of it , long and deep and then looked up at me with a smile that could have lit up the Universe. "Thank you Ma'am! Oh thank you so much Ma'am! And how did you know lemonade is my favorite? I'm going over to my spot right now to eat this. Thank you! Bless you!"

A quick hug shared between us, a smile shared as well as a "don't ever give up" mantra and off she went to sit under a nearby tree to enjoy her lunch. And I still smiling, hopped back into my jeep feeling blessed indeed. How often do we get the chance to fulfill someone's vision? Well today, I did. 
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Readers Comments

brad2 wrote: Cheese burgers. Mmmmmmm
kiwicat wrote: Fantastic thoughtfulness and kindness.
sandra wrote: So glad your heart hasn't been hardened - your caring compassion is a testament that kindness does still exist. Often the streets are filled with so many 'false' drug addicted beggars that too many become hardened and turn their emotions and kindness away from those truly are in need.
savraj wrote: Oh my goodness. That is so sweet. I am near tears. You did a wonderful thing today.
AndiCas wrote: As Savraj says, a wonderful thing. Thankyou.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for listening to heart (and sign!).
Novice50 wrote: Thank you beyond words for this. I'm crying with gratitude for your actions. Blessings to you.
splain wrote: Now that made both your days. She will think about you with gratitude and you will remember her. Continuing the circle
kjoyw wrote: Tears here too! What a sweet, dear story! And your kindness in this was amazing! Not only to you feel her, you gave her much more than that. Your connection gave her hope that she might just get through this rough spot after all. Bless you.
RoseMarie wrote: So kind and generous. She loved the cheeseburgers but I can tell you she will remember your heart long after the cheeseburgers etc are well gone . Thank you for sharing ... Both here and there x 💓

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