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Need A Jump?

--by brighteyes, posted Sep 16, 2008

Not sure if its the cold weather or what but there have been quite a few cars and trucks that have had dead batteries lately including my hubby and his truck.

While leaving the parking lot the other day, I noticed a gentleman who could not start his car.  I have jumper cables in the trunk so I stopeped and asked, "Need a Jump?"

'Definitely!", he replied.  "OK", I said as I pulled up next to his car and popped open the trunk.  Then I told him, "You will have to help me to set up and charge. I carry the jumper cables just in case, but I'm not comfortable hooking them up to the battery."

It feels so good to be able to help someone out in their moment of need.



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makesomeonesmile wrote: Good for you for always being prepared and for helping out!
cassiemeadows wrote: Yeah, great work brighteyes. that was very thoughful of you
lmil1954 wrote: You are such a sweet soul, brighteyes! I thank God for making you! Love, Linda:)

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