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Our Mother Daughter Kindness Circle

--by BeckyJaine, posted Nov 16, 2015

Our Mother-Daughter Kindness Circle in North Carolina gets together most months to create things that are given in the spirit of kindness. Sometimes things are for strangers, and others it's for people we know.This past weekend we gathered to make flower pens. We took simple pens and attached a large silk flower to each pen using "frog tape" (it's a brand of green painter tape that doesn't get gummy when you use the pen). We made little note cards for each pen, with quotes about joy and kindness on them.

"Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do."

Many of the girls were making them for their school teachers. Each mother made one for her daughter, and each daughter made one for her Mom. We had a wonderful time together sharing stories of kindness and making something to spread JOY and KINDNESS to people in our community.
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AnnC wrote: What a beautiful way to enjoy each other's company while spreading kindness ripples! These lessons will stay with the girls forever.
Randompnt wrote: What an incredible idea!! I have a new baby granddaughter. She is only 5 months, but when she gets big enough I will plan a kindness project with her.
bucklandmike wrote: This is a very cool idea! Thanks for sharing it - i plan to use it soon. Trez
lynfefchak wrote: What a gift for those young people to learn about giving and relationships
splain wrote: Absolutely delightful
kiwicat wrote: These look fantastic! Thanks for sharing and welcome to kind spring too x x x
lt33 wrote: This is wonderful teaching them young about kindness great role models 🌸🌹
kmbhai wrote: very Good ! we will also share this with our children at library. thanks.....
C0ZYC0FFEE wrote: Aww that's so creative. Well done
melnotes wrote: How awesome! Thanks for sharing this and love the images too!

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