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Post It Notes On Our Walk

--by kiwicat, posted Nov 20, 2015
My lovely husband had a bad day at work. He came in the door and suggested we go for a walk. He said "come on, grab your post-it notes too" and we walked and talked and post-it blitzed the main road bench seats, bus shelters and a little quiet park where we stopped and talked more about our days. We both made our difficult days into something uplifting for someone else :-)
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cspshl wrote:
I plan to duplicate this in the future and not necessarily when i have had a bad day!
backroads2 wrote: What a great husband and fantastic idea for turning a bad day into good!
spurginhussey wrote: Well done both for turning a miserable day into a triumph!
leslien wrote: This is so inspiring. I would love to do something like this with my teenage daughter.
cabbage wrote: You have an amazing husband---blessings on you both! Big hugs.
Xiao wrote: You both so lovely!!
Brindlegirl wrote: Your husband keeps going up and up in my books. I admire you both xox
AndiCas wrote: Your husband is so superb to support and encourage your kooky kindnesses. Appreciating that bad days get better when shared <3
melnotes wrote: This so made me smile :) What a great way to turn that day around!~
splain wrote: That is one special husband. But then look who he is married to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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