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Crushed In The Rush For Cross Stitch

--by AndiCas, posted Nov 22, 2015
A day or so ago I posted a photo of a pile of cross stitch kits that I had been gifted. I couldn't possibly use them all so I decided to give them away to ladies in my community who like to have a project in their hands.

I packed them all into a box and decided to start with the lady who runs my local bar as she's perfectly charming and so good to me. I took her out to my car and showed her the box. I was holding it in my arms whilst she looked when another car drew up next to us with two other ladies in it. Within moments I was crushed against my car behind the weight of rummaging elderly ladies and had to fight my way out to put the box on a table.

Well between the three of them they took every single item in that box with gigantic smiles and effusive thanks.

One of the ladies has a daughter who is a firefighter. She took a pile of cross stitch kits to give to the firestation. Now I know I should not show gender stereotype but this did make me laugh. I have this wonderful mental picture of all these big tough firemen in uniform sat around in the firestation all working on their cute cross stitch Christmas stockings whilst they wait for fires to be called in :)

So happiness all round, and when I emailed the original giver of the kits she promised to send me a pile of her excess embroidery thread too. I just KNOW I'll have fun redistributing that too :)
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SaraKay wrote: I have a friend, male gender, who loves to knit. He has made some fantastic and useful items. I am sure those firemen will enjoy having something to do while they wait for emergencies.
Good for you!
jeang1723 wrote: Wonderful story - inspiring too!
pyronik wrote: I'm now imagining those same fire fighters sitting around with colouring books & pencils (don't bleed through the page the same way pens do). I imagine anything that keeps them busy but can be put down at a moments notice is a blessing to them :-)
sandyremillar wrote: that is soo lovely....I sure relate as I keep busy hands! thank you for your kindness.....
splain wrote: Embroidery thread , hum, try the police station or army base. You just never know when a big brawny man needs to sew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RoseMarie wrote: I really loved this. I can so visualise you getting trampled at your car. I can also visualise those hunky firemen in uniform making their own Christmas pressies. Can I start to network with your connections. Lol x 💓
mindyjourney wrote: Wonderful way to share, my friend :))). Love my busy hands and smile to think of firefighters making such good use of their down time with cross-stitch :)). I use embroidery thread to weave bracelets, you ever do? Good portable craft to do while on plane travel :).
savraj wrote: Ohhhh! This is wonderful! I'm smiling ear to ear!
terre wrote: Wow! One stop giving! Well done! And I'm sure you can do the same with the embroidery thread, unless you want to go directly to the fire station.... it would be fun to go there and see if any are doing the cross stitch.
melnotes wrote: Wonderful Kindness in Cross stitch!

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