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Halloween Kindness Received

--by AndiCas, posted Nov 15, 2015
Halloween is not the big event here that it is in some parts of the world, but I want to tell you about some Halloween kindnesses that we received yesterday.

My youngest son has been introduced to the idea of Halloween celebrations via the school (not something I applaud, but that's another story). Anyway, I had no plans to do anything special. However, he was banging on about Halloween to our farm volunteers and a wonderful American girl organised a scavenger hunt for him yesterday. He had clues that sent him all over the farm (minor panic when we thought the goats may have eaten one of the clues!) and culminated in some treats hidden in a bowl of garlic!

He also wanted to do a Halloween party, but we're lacking the space and the people to provide one. But we managed to clear a space on the patio where we could set up his little laptop and the wifi could reach so that he could treat us to his 'DJ'ing, he stuck up some pictures and made some dips and a desert and I called our spaghetti dinner worms with brain sauce. But the kindness was from our wonderful volunteer crew who honoured his wish and all put up with standing around in the dark and cold to be his guests. They willing flashed their headtorches for him to be a lightshow, they oohed and ahhed about his 'zombie snot' dip and they manfully waved the sparklers I produced.

I am SO grateful to these wonderful people who made his evening. They could have taken their meals and gone and eaten somewhere warm, but they hung out to make a little boy happy and that's worth more than anything to me.
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pyronik wrote: :-) a wonderful story - thank you
sandyremillar wrote: Beautiful!!!! thank you for sharing...We know there are wonderful people out there....:}}
splain wrote: Now that was a beautiful happening.
Asslin wrote: thank God for people like that. If only there were more people like that, what a wonderful world it would be.
alisamom wrote: Oh that is so wonderful. I bet your son will remember this day for a long time
RoseMarie wrote: Thanks for sharing your son's story. Every one was making memories. X
mindyjourney wrote: Such kindness by volunteers :)))))). Wonderful circle of connect through your dear son. Blessings to all.
savraj wrote: That is such wonderful kindness! So glad everyone had lots of fun!
terre wrote: How lovely that your volunteers rallied round. I bet they enjoyed it too.
melnotes wrote: What an awesome Mum you are!

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